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Ogichi Daa Kwe fills young women with an expanded view of what is possible. Undistracted by technology and immersed in the calming power of Mother Nature, they learn to live with a peaceful spirit, affirming beauty, truth, fortitude and love.



At Ogichi, girls are exposed to an abundance of role models, mentors and powerful examples of what it means to be a strong spirited woman. And through the encouragement of passionate outdoor leaders and skilled teachers, they discover a stronger version of themselves and a deeper conviction about pointing true north.


Spectacular Campus

Newly built from the ground up and designed to maximize the beauty of its cliffs and shoreline, Ogichi’s Rainy Lake campus can only be described as spectacular. From almost every corner of the campsite, sunrise views instill gratitude for the promise of a new day full of magic and opportunity.


Healthy Lifestyle

At Ogichi, a healthy lifestyle is assured: summer days filled with physical activity, restful nights in rustic cabins, and mealtimes that are as engaging as they are nourishing. All meals are made from scratch and feature fresh produce, lean meats and organic dairy products—with vegetarian and vegan options available.


Engaging Activities

From crafts and climbing to sailing and songwriting, Ogichi offers a diversity of instructional classes. With four activity periods each day, campers decide how to spend their time: learning new skills, honing their techniques in a favorite class—even teaching other girls.


Wilderness Adventure

Through Ogichi’s graduated wilderness trips program, timid little girls become wide-eyed adventurers seeking new rivers to paddle and new ranges to traverse. Trips are tailored to age and experience, starting with a gentle three-day introduction to canoe camping in Voyageurs National Park. Older campers progress from eight-day flatwater trips through the Quetico to 11- and 16-day whitewater adventures in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and eventually to extended expeditions in far northern Canada.