Capturing Adventure on the Mountain River


Equipped with a GoPro, a camera and a microphone, our very own Alice Petty captured Ogichi’s exploratory trip down the Mountain River this summer.

Following in the paddle strokes of the 2017 6 North of 60 Expedition, Petty and seven other strong-spirited women traveled more than 200 miles through the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories.


“The most free-feeling trip I’ve ever been on,” Petty says. “We were truly able to soak in all the good energy and make the most of it.”

As an experienced videographer with a passion for documenting wilderness endeavors like this one, Petty had the perfect muse: Mother Nature.

We were truly able to soak in all the good energy and make the most of it.
— Alice Petty

In her video, Petty artfully portrays the laughs, friendships and good food enjoyed on the trip, while also highlighting the stunning scenery witnessed along the way.

“It was honestly very emotional to capture such pure remote wilderness and be able to bring it back for people to see and learn from,” Petty says. “Whenever I pick up my camera, the intent is to always capture an image that has a chance of inspiring someone out there that sees it.”

Mission accomplished, Alice. We are very inspired.

Ogichi, Foundation, Alumni, StaffBen Woods