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On an Ogichi canoe trip, nothing that a girl wears, carries or stows in her dry sack is as important as a positive attitude and willingness to tackle challenges as they come.

Whether two hours or two days away from Ogichi’s base camp, the Canadian wilderness offers breathtaking beauty and exhilarating encounters. And whether a group paddles three miles or 30, the rhythm of a day on the water is similar, and the world slows to the pace of the paddle.



Be Brave — Courage is the noblest of all attainments.

An Ogichi canoe trip is waking with the sun to beat the wind, then paddling in stroke as the morning wears on, stopping to swim or fish as the landscape allows. It is otters playing in an eddy and moose crashing through the underbrush. It is tuna melts grilled to perfection on a shady point, and PB&Js made with love on a wannigan lid.



Obey — Obedience is the first law in the woods.

An Ogichi canoe trip is teamwork and encouragement, problem-solving and perseverance. It is a strong spirited response to a portage trail clogged with deadfall, muskeg and mosquitos. It is learning to laugh your way to triumph.



Be Reverent — Worship the Great Spirit and respect all worship of Him by others.

An Ogichi canoe trip is scanning the shoreline for the perfect campsite: level tent spots, a flat rock for swimming, a breeze to keep the bugs at bay. It is unloading the boats, collecting firewood and making dinner. It is gathering around the fire for a nightly ritual: the Grateful Circle—a reminder that we are connected to each other, and to a larger whole.